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Do people really get jobs from job search portals such as or

Job Search Engine Success and wouldn't exist if people didn't find jobs by using job search engines. You shouldn't rely on these portals as your sole job resources, but they definitely should be included.

They also have many free and useful tools to help you craft a solid resume and cover letter. Take advantage of the resources at your fingertips so you don't miss out on any golden opportunities.

Do job search websites only provide job search engines?

Job Search Sites

Although most popular job search web sites, such as and, have become popular by virtue of their job search engines, they also have an ever-growing litany of job search services.

By providing more services, the providers hope to attract more users to their sites. In essence, monster and careerbuilder want to be viewed as “careerbuilders,” not “careerfinders.”

If you are willing to pay, they will have a professional critique your resume and cover letter and offer solid advice on where and how to improve. If you haven't had success thus far in your job search, you may want to consider one of these services. There is nothing wrong with getting feedback from a new and unbiased source.

Should I bother to use specialized job search engines?

Niche Job Search Engines

You should certainly try using job search engines provided by and, but don't dismiss niche job search engines or just alternative search engines.

Advertising on specialized sites is typically cheaper, and applicants that use these sites tend to be qualified for specific industries and positions. Therefore, employers may not feel a need to post the job on a larger site. Try or Quintessential Careers, or Career XRoads to get a feel for these alternatives to the big job search engines.

How does a job search engine work?

Job Search Engine Explanation

A job search engine is a program that searches a job database to deliver results that correspond to user-defined parameters. For instance, if a user selects “New York City” and “Marketing” as parameters, then the search engine will list all the marketing jobs that are being offered in New York City.

Job Search Engines also often allow you to submit your resume and resume cover letter to a prospective employer. Sometimes, the process is so easy that perspective employees don't go the extra mile with a cover letter or tailored resume. This is a mistake. If submitting your resume is easy, it is easy for hundreds of others, so take the time and do it right.

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