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How much detail should I include?

Remember: the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. Only give enough detail to get yourself invited in for a meeting. Get quickly to the bottom line and save the details for the interview.


Professional Resumes Job Experience

Professional resumes for experienced individuals should lead with job experience, not education. Your job experience is what makes you truly valuable. In many cases, it will outweigh your education anyway.

Employers are more concerned about the job performance of experienced professionals, not their educational background. Putting your education information near the top of your resume is more appropriate for entry-level candidates, so list your degrees and certificates at the end of your professional resume.

What is a good way to develop material for my job history?

Professional Resumes Job History

When you are crafting your resume, you may be stumped as to how to describe your job and how to list all of the projects you on which you worked.

One ideas is to contact your human resources department if you're trying to develop valuable content for the work history section of your professional resume.

Human resources departments are obligated to keep a detailed career summary in your personnel file and to provide that information to you.

How can I write an effective professional resume?

The Professional Resume

Are you an experienced professional in the job market trying to find the right company that will benefit from your expertise? Learn about writing the best professional resume you can to help you be successful in your job search.

Highlight your professional experience, diversity and key positions that make your resume stand out from the crowd. You can make your job search more efficient and more effective using professional resume writing tips.

How can I create a robust job history section if I’ve worked for the same employer for 20-30 years?

Professional Resumes Job Diversity

If you are lucky, you may have been with the same company for a while and you may have advanced into management or into different roles. When you are documenting these jobs on your resume, separate your job history section into different job titles if you've worked for the same employer for many years.

A Professional Resume Writing Tip: By breaking it down this way, you will show prospective employers that you advanced your stature and diversified your experience; you didn't simply get settled into one job.


Do I need more to write than one resume ?

YES, Absolutely. You should have a basic "set" of facts about yourself and your skills in a generic resume, and then you arrange the emphasis of skills (and other important information) according to the needs of the specific employer.

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