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How should I deliver my resume?

Resume Delivery

The format and content of your resume can make the difference between securing that dream job or losing it forever – but the method by which you deliver your resume is also something to consider.

Back in the day you had to mail a resume and cover letter to your prospective employer, then it was the fax machine and today email is often the desired resume delivery method. Learn more about how to get your resume to the right person and in the right format. Avoid the pitfalls of spam and poor file formats!

What are some resume printing tips?

Emailing Resumes vs. Printed Resumes

It is becoming more common to simply email your resumes, but it is still quite common to deliver printed resumes. For example, you should bring extra copies of your resume to an interview.

Some printed resume delivery tips:

1. Use white or slightly off-white paper. Only use colorful paper if you're applying for a job in a creative industry. Even then, it may be wise to play it safe.
2. Use 8.5” x 11” paper.
3. Print on one side of the paper.
4. Use a laser or high-resolution inkjet printer.
5. Don't fold or staple your resume.

Your resume is a document that represents you, so make it high quality and classy. You want your resume to stand out as much as you do!

Is it okay to send my resume as an email attachment?

Resume Attachments

You should avoid sending email attachments to employers unless you are invited to do so.

An important Resume Delivery Tip: Some employers may not have the particular software (or version of the software) that is required to open the attachment, and many employers are rightfully concerned about viruses in attachments.

By simply pasting your resume within the body of your email, you will avoid these issues and make it easier for the recruiter or employer to scan your resume.

Should I save my resume in different file formats?

Resume File Formats

You should avoid sending your resume as an email attachment; however, for those instances when you're requested to send an attachment, you should save your resume in a Word and an Adobe PDF format.

The Word format is fairly universal and the software required to read an Adobe PDF is free. You should also save your resume in a .txt format to make it easy to cut and paste your resume in online applications.

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