Responding to Negative Job Experience Questions

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How should I reply if the interviewer asks me why I want to leave my current job?

Responding to Negative Job Experience Questions

Try not to be negative if an interviewer asks you why you want to leave your current job (or why you left your most recent job). There is often at least one negative motivation for leaving a job, but try to focus on the negatives that can be turned into positives.

You can tell an employer that you liked what you did at a former job, but, at the same time, it wasn't challenging enough. Employers typically aren't turned off by ambitious workers. Perhaps you have been in your current job for a long time, and there is no possibility of advancement or you are just ready for a change of scene or industry.

Even if there is a negative reason, try to use a reason that helps you sound professional, not like an employee with sour grapes.



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