Responding to Negative Interview Questions

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What should I do if an interviewer asks me about my negative qualities?

Responding to Negative Interview Questions

The workplace is not a courtroom, so you can't plead the fifth when you're asked about your negative qualities. We all have them, after all, and your interviewer knows this as well!

The key to answering this question is to turn a negative into a positive. For instance, you may tell the interviewer that you're often too hard on yourself. Rather than simply being viewed as a negative quality, the employer may consider that attribute to be a sign of conscientiousness.



11/25/2008 11:42:58 PM
purnachandra said:

Yes ,it's good . It is not good to say your exact negitive qualities, because every one has the -ve side. So try to say your some +ve qualtiy as -ve and support that statment in favour of you and it sounds pleasure to the employee.


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