Open-Ended Interview Questions

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What are some popular open-ended questions that employers ask at interviews?

Open-Ended Interview Questions

An interview is an opportunity for someone to get to know you as a professional. Clearly, yes or no answers aren't going to give then a lot of insight into you or your abilities.

Although they seem simple, many people find open-ended questions to be difficult to answer. Practice your responses to these sample interview questions:

1. What are your best qualities?
2. What makes you the ideal candidate for this position?
3. What would be your ideal job?



4/5/2007 2:20:36 PM
dhfhrrnk jvijerkljt said:

need more useful information more then a paragraph

1/21/2009 12:28:22 PM
Lala said:

I dont understand this tip please explain it. :) thank you

2/5/2009 7:24:37 AM
apoorva said:

hmmm simple yet pretty useful comment...

6/1/2009 3:37:22 AM
nalini said:

1)I am a hardworking girl.With my hard work i do smart work even. I am an extrovert kind of person and i love making new friends. I learn from my mistakes and this is one of the best quality i am having. I am confident,not over confident and cooperative too. Adaptable to changes developes patience inside me.
2)I know there are other candidates also who are applying for the job, but i have a quality that i have a thirst for excellence and i am a responsible one. Whatever i do,i do it in best way and in time.

10/1/2009 9:35:54 AM
Hello said:

Two of these tips are kinda the same! Put some more and don't put the same!!

10/1/2009 9:36:41 AM
Hello said:

Two of these tips are kinda the same! Put some more and don't put the same!! Thank You, Hello


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