Hobbies and Interests in a Resume

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Should I mention my hobbies and interests in my resume?

Hobbies and Interests in a Resume

Typically, you should avoid mentioning hobbies and interests when resume writing. These hobbies and interests often don't bear much relevance to the position you're applying for, so save your valuable resume space for describing your key experience and skills.

However, you may want to include your hobbies and interests if there is a strong correlation to the available position. Your love of camping would be appropriate to mention if you are trying to become a park ranger.



3/21/2007 4:02:34 PM
George said:

i strongly disagree with this statement as if you were to submit a resume to me, i would like to know about you--if you are outgoing or if you are just lazy and sit at home all day playing wideo games.


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