Educational Background in a Resume

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What elements should be included in the education field of my resume?

Educational Background in a Resume

Your educational background should be included at the beginning of your resume if you are a recent graduate and at the end of your resume if you are an experienced professional.

Compare examples of entry level resumes and professional resumes to determine other differences in how to write a resume.

The following elements should be included in the education field of your resume:

1. Your most recent educational information should be listed first.
2. Include the name of the educational institution, followed by the name of the degree and the major.
3. Add your G.P.A. if it was 3.0 or greater. This becomes less relevant as your career progresses.
4. Mention academic honors, if any.

Some people suggest that you include the date of your graduation, and some believe that you shouldn't include it. You may consider excluding it if you're concerned about age discrimination.



2/21/2007 6:09:40 AM
Daniel said:

What about the format and style in which this information should be presented? Do we use initial caps? Are periods used after "B" and "A" in the abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts?


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